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What is a Red Dog?

January 26, 2010

Of the two political parties, Democrats have traditionally been the more socially and fiscally liberal party, whereas the Republicans tend to be more conservative on both issues.  Within both parties though there is variation.  A few years back the term Blue Dog Democrat has introduced into the political lexicon.  Democrats who tend to be more conservative in many of their social and fiscal views, the Blue Dogs occasionally find themselves voting with Republicans.  Rep. Bart Stupak (D) became a central figures in the recent Health Care Reform debate when he created a coalition that resisted the Democrat leadership’s attempts to pay for abortions with federal taxpayer dollars.  Members of the Blue Dog Caucus include Jason Altmire (D, PA), Dennis Cardoza (D, CA) and Betsy Markey (D) of Colorade

Another political term, RINO (Republican In Name Only), has also been much talked about lately.  Although they have an R next to their name, theses “Republicans” mostly live, act and vote like a Democrat.  Their version of Democrat-lite is so wishy-washy that commentators often group them with the Democrats and voters rarely know quite where they stand on the issues.  I will not even take the time to mention the names of RINO’s such as Olympia Snow (R, ME) Dede Scozzafava (R, NY) and Billy Tauzon (R) of Louisiana for fear that the label of RINO permanently damage their political career.

With the RINO’s  filling up the left ranks of the party and the moderate Republicans trying to figure out exactly where they stand politically, a new breed of Republican has emerged: the Red Dog Republican.

What is a Red Dog?  They are the true conservatives in the Republican party.  Right leaning social, moral and fiscal conservatives who know where they exactly where they stand on the issues (even before they see the polls if you can believe that!).  Political leaders like Michele Bachmann (R MN), Mike Pence (R, IN) and Marco Rubio (R, FL) who hold strong to their entrenched conservative values.  Republicans who embrace and are embraced by the Tea Party Movement.   These conservative leaders, using Ronald Reagan Reagan as their political compass and the dissatisfaction of the electorate as their rallying point,  just might make 2010 the year of the Red Dog.


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