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Jobs Not Created

January 29, 2010

The Obama administration is famous for making up phrases and statistics.  The first one to come to everybody’s mind is the “Jobs Saved” statistic that they throw out in attempt to “prove” that they are actually doing something over there at the White House and we would be much, much worse off if they were not spending our money.

Maybe you would like to use this phrase as well Mr. President, “Jobs Not Created”.  Commerce Department show a 5.7% growth for the 4th quarter of 2009, a positive sign for the economy, but jobless claims continue at a pace of 450,000 per month and more.  The economy is growing, but rather than new jobs being created, more and more people are losing their jobs.

When the White House pats themselves on the back over the 4th quarter growth numbers, will they even notice that it comes without new job production (in fact it comes amid continued job loss)?  Will they even notice that it is their proposed agenda of Government Spending, Financial Reform, Health Care Reform and Cap and Trade that has frightened small business owners; preventing them from hiring new employees?

If the President insists on giving himself credit for the imaginary statistic of “jobs saved”, then he must also be held accountable for the Jobs Not Created.

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  1. Berta permalink
    January 30, 2010 6:35 am

    This is a comment re the Supreme Court insult by O’Bama. He has already put one of his own on the court since he took office, I only hope that she now sees his true worth and votes always for the correct thing and not the Progressive thing. This is the main reason we need to scrutinize every one running for office of President, they have the ability to change America by putting the wrong people on the Supreme Court. We need people on that that go by Constitutional law and not new Progressive laws. Naturally O’Bama can not stand to think they he and his thugs have not been able to gain TOTAL CONTROL OF AMERICA. He is amazed to find that “we the people” really do make up the nation.

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