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Spector’s Struggles

February 1, 2010

Senator Arlen Specter (D?, PA) is the worst kind of politician.  When his aides informed him that he had no chance of  winning the Republican nomination for his senate seat the 79 year old simply changed political party.  His reasoning?  The sitting PA Sen. said, “I am unwilling to have my 29-year Senate record judged by the Pennsylvania Republican primary electorate.”  Or in other words, he had fallen so far off to the left that he and everyone around him knew that he had no chance of  even being nominated by the GOP.  PA Republicans were more upset that they had been duped into giving him millions of dollars than losing his vote, he had not voted or acted like a Republican in years.

Last month the PA turncoat dug himself in even deeper with the PA electorate when he unleashed his sexist vitriol on MN Rep. Michele Bachmann.  During a heated radio interview, Specter commanded Bachmann to “act like a lady”  and told her, “I am going to treat you like a lady, now act like one.”  Rep. Bachmann was stunned as were women all over the Commonwealth.  Bachmann knew going in that she would be dating a political dinosaur, but she did expect him to go caveman on her.  A few days later, bowing to mounting political pressure, the Senator left a message on her phone apologizing.  What a gentleman.

News out today is that Specter’s troubles are deepening.  Although the PA Democrat has a large warchest squirreled away (8.6 million), the presumptive Republican nominee for senate, Pat Toomey, has out-raised Specter by more than $500,000 in the 4th quarter of 2009 (1.67 million to 1.1 million).  With the recent turn in the political tide it would be expected that this gap will widen throughout 2010.

In addition, recent polls have not been to kind to the sitting senator lately either.  A recent Franklin & Marshall College poll shows Toomey surging to a 45%-31% lead.  Seems like the Senator is walking directly into the same right hook he was trying to avoid when he dumped the Republican party back in April.

It seems that Senator Specter has 2 choices right now; either end his decades long Senatorial career on his own terms (retire), or wait until November to find out what the people of Pennsylvania really think about him.  Hopefully he will make the choice of a true gentleman.

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