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Arlen Specter; the Kiss of Death

February 2, 2010

If you want to see something die, attach Arlen Specter’s name to it.

President Obama is learning this lesson the hard way.  The day that Senator Specter switched parties, the President’s approval rating was at 62%, since appearing with Senator Specter the Mr. Obama’s approvals have dropped to 49% (RCP).  Obama is not the only Democrat to suffer Specter’s curse.  When the PA Senator switched parties, he did so in order to support the Dems and the Stimulus Package.   Porkulus (as it has come to be known) has tainted the entire Democrat party sending their approval ratings in a downward spiral.  Add to that Specter’s continued support for the Healthcare Reform bill, a bill despised be a vast majority of Americans; a bill that is all but dead in Washington.

Specter’s latest victim, the Unions.  Monday in a meeting with union leaders  the dowdy senator informed union leaders that “Card Check”, the bill that was supposed to be their political payback for their unwavering support of Democrat candidates in the 2008 election, has died without a vote.  He did not mention that attaching his name to any bill was the kiss of death, Specter just blamed the election of Scott Brown (R) in Massachusetts for killing any chances of their political top priority being passed.

Senator Specter’s support for the bill was surely its kiss of death.

On a side note, since Specter switched parties last April, Senator Robert Casey (D, PA) has hitched his political wagon to the Specter death march.  Will the kiss of death drag Casey down in 2012, or will the curse die along with Arlen Specter’s political career in November 2010?

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