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Bye Bayh.

February 16, 2010

Noting that he has become, ” a lonely voice for balancing the budget and restraining spending” in the US Congress, Evan Bayh (D, IN) announced that he will not seek re-election this fall.  It seems that the soon to be citizen Bayh has finally figured out what millions of “Tea Party” conservatives have known for quite some time.  Congress has a spending problem and no one in Washington is willing to do anything about it.  The Indiana Senator’s desire to cut spending and balance the budget fell on deaf ears within his own party, and throughout all of Washington DC, so,  rather than continuing to be part of the problem, Sen. Bayh walked away.

As of now I am going to say, right on Mr. Bayh, you did the right thing.  Displays of values and decency are so rare from our elected officials are so few and far between that I am going to take a few moments to savor your principled decision.  Hopefully you will continue to be the man of honor that you are right now and you will land a job in the private sector, academia or charitable works, but if you walk yourself down to K Street and trade your integrity in for a lobbyist job, I will be the first one standing outside your door with a sack full of rotten tomatoes.

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