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NO! on Hafer.

February 18, 2010

Jack Murtha’s (D, PA) recent death has left a gaping hole in Pennsylvania politics.  The fight over his congressional seat (PA-12) could both be ferocious and pointless.  Ferocious because many Democrats, some with strong name recognition, others with less recognizable (Hafer, Singel, Bucchianeri, Wozniak, Hugya), are lining up to fight over the seat, yet pointless, because PA 12 was carved out solely to ensure Murtha’s repeated re-election, a meandering district encompassing every possible democrat in the region, and will undoubtedly be eliminated after the results of the 2010 census tallied.

One name that should be eliminated from consideration right away is that of Barbara Hafer.  In the tradition of Arlen Specter, Hafer rode the Republican party bandwagon to election after election, and when her political shortcomings stalled her career, she switched parties.  She switched parties, not because the Republican party had changed, but because she knew that she could no longer be elected in a Republican primary.  Much like Sen. Specter, Barbra Hafer has absolutely no care or concern for the people of Pennsylvania, only for her next elected office.

If you are voting for a Democrat in the May 18th primary/election, do not vote Hafer!

Uncertain who to vote for this May, look into Tim Burns,  I think you will like what you find.

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