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CPAC10: A New Generation of Conservatives.

February 21, 2010

What I expected to see at CPAC 2010 was a room full of “bankers”; gray-haired, stodgy old men in three-pieced suits quietly discussing the issues of the day in the light of nostalgia for “the good old days”.  Those members of the Conservative movement did attend CPAC, but what really surprised me was the vast numbers of young people and (gasp) women at CPAC’s annual meeting.  What a delight!

Laptops and iPhones lit up the room, raucous applause bounced off of the walls and a real Conservative energy resonated throughout the entire event.  And these young people believe in what they believe in.  These Conservative kids are not going to vote for a candidate just because they have an R next to their name (just ask Charlie Crist, R, FL about that).  The fervor of the young generation forced the CINO’s to stay home (Mike Huckabee skipped CPAC to spend time with the First Lady).

One area where the youth clearly demonstrated their strong Conservative influence was the straw poll.  Of the 10,000 registrants for the CPAC event, slightly more than 2,300 took part in the straw poll and of those who voted, a large majority of them were young.  Who did they vote for; Ron Paul (R, TX) Does this mean that Ron Paul is going the Republican nominee for President in 2012? I doubt it.  What it does mean though is that if any candidate is seeking the support of these Young Conservatives, he or she had better bring a strong Conservative voting record.

Not only is it good to see how active and , but it as wonderful to see how Conservative they are.  These young conservatives are not reaching out to the RINO’s and Moderates, they leaders with very strong and very Conservative credentials; Ron Paul, Marco Rubio, Jim DeMint, Mike Pence and Glenn Beck were all embraced by the Conservative youth.

It was great to see that there is a younger generation embracing the Conservative movement and quite honestly it was encouraging to see that our future will be in their hands.  Now is the time to stand firm in our convictions and beliefs, to be certain that we have a future to hand them.

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