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Why Democrats NEED Obamacare to Pass.

February 22, 2010

61% of all Americans believe that President Obama and the Democrats in Congress should scrap their current healthcare plan and start over again, and yet the President keeps plugging right along.  Today the White House released its own version of Healthcare Reform Bill which is basically a mix and match bill combining the Senate and House Bills into one “reconciled”  bill that they believe can garner enough Democrat votes to pass a 51% majority vote.  Shortly after its release, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs took to the White House Briefing Room to threaten (at least they have given up on bribery for a day) the Republicans; support the President’s Bill or it will be rammed down your throat using the reconciliation process.

You see, the President and his Democrat allies were paying attention and they have learned the meaning Scott Brown Massachusetts Senate race; the days of a Democrat majority in congress are numbered.

Paul Krugman points out the 2 things that the Democrats need to understand:

1. This is the last chance to do HCR for years to come, and America desperately needs this 2. For their own sake, Democrats have to run on a record of having achieved something.

The Democrats already understand that they are going to lose and lose big in the 2010 mid-term elections, but they believe the losses will be even greater if they do not push healthcare through; if they do not have at least that one achievement on which to state their case for re-election.  In addition, the White House is certain that if they cannot get this reform bill rammed through congress and on the President’s desk within the next 60 days,  they will not have the votes to get any kind of healthcare reform passed for several years if not decades to come.    As far as how this bill gets passed, the White House does not care if their tactics appear underhanded as long as they get this bill passed; in fact, they do not care how dirty they look getting it done as long as it does get done.  President Obama is willing to face the public outrage this year knowing full well that he has more than 2 years for voters to forget how mad they currently are and the prospect of having the foil of a Republican led Congress could be just what Obama needs for victory in 2012.

Today, a line was drawn in the sand and the President sees only 2 possible outcomes; victory or death.

That is why President Obama and his Democrat allies in Congress will stop at nothing to pass this bill.

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