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Al Gore is a Coward!

February 28, 2010

Al Gore is at it again.  In a New York Times Op Ed piece the former Vice President is once again preaching his “global-warming” gloom and doom scenario.  Surprisingly, Mr. Gore did admit admit that some (2) scientific mistakes were made (even though more than 2 have admitted to mistakes), but then he drifted back to his some old flawed story.  What he did not do;

  • Offer any new, credible evidence.
  • Mention how the “thousands” of other studies relied upon data from the several (not two) studies that have been debunked.
  • Explain why we should trust these scientists who continue to make “mistakes”.
  • Have a clear discussion on any of the Climategate points.
  • Call for a review of the current data.

But most importantly, what Al Gore did not do is to defend himself.  Throughout this winter of massive snows and bitter cold the former Vice President has kept a low profile, never stepping up to defend the attacks  by science and scientists on his so called “scientific” theory.  When Mr. Gore finally finally pokes his head of his hole out he does so in an op ed piece.  He did stand up for his theory in a live debate with his critics, he did not let a NY Times writer interview him or ask any probing questions of him, heck, he did not even sit down on the couch with Oprah.

Al Gore, you are a coward!  You may try to hide behind your supposed intellectualism, you may preach your doom and gloom scenarios from pulpit of the NY Times Op Ed, but you are not man enough to sit down and debate your “theory” with anybody who can question your opinions.

Mr. Gore. you are a coward; go back to your hole and leave us in peace.

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