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March 1, 2010

Not to be rude, but Nancy Pelosi has finally lost it.  Let’s face it, the Speaker of the house has always been a little bit batty, but her comments this weekend demonstrate that the lady has taken a sharp left turn off the deep end.

Watch the video here.

What Nancy is trying to sell us is; the Democrats crafted the Healthcare Reform Bill, without any Republican input, which had the Public Option as one of its fundamental planks, but the Speaker left the Public Option out of the bill because the Republicans did not support it (well, really she left it out because a majority her own caucus did not support, but we are following Nancy’s logic here), then it is her contention, that the Republicans influenced the bill because one of the things that they did not want in there is not in there; hence, the Republicans were actually part of the process and what we have now is a bipartisan bill.

So using her “logic”, if the Republicans were to side with the Democrats and vote for the current bill, a bill that she claims that they helped craft by not supporting it, then the resulting vote would anti-bipartisan?  Therefore, every time the “Party of No” votes against a bill they are not being partisan, they are actually showing support for the bill and therefore are demonstrating anti-bipartisanism?

Spring training has just begun in Florida and Arizona and it has me thinking; do Abbott and Costello know that Nancy Pelosi is trying to steal their bit?

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