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Pass this Turd of a Jobs Bill

March 2, 2010

Unemployment Rate (click to enlarge).

As far as Bills go, Harry Reid’s Jobs Bill (HR 2847) is a turd, but at least its effect is more like tiny little rabbit droppings left in a meadow, rather than the normal donkey splatter scattered all over main street.  The rosiest of estimates predict that this bill could “create” up to 250,000 jobs, but it will not.  In fact, this type of legislation rarely leads to the creation of any jobs at all.  Much like the Homebuyer’s credit and Cash for Clunkers, all Reid’s jobs bill will do is give tax credits to employers who were already planning on hiring new employees, or rehiring those workers that they laid off during the recession.

Passed in the Senate by a 70-28 vote, the House is currently contemplating Reid’s bill and it is running into a few roadblocks.  Conservative Blue Dog Democrats and Republicans note that our economy has lost 8.4 million jobs during this recession and 250,000 is just a fraction of what our economy needs.  Liberal Democrats do not like Reid’s bill because it does not spend enough of the taxpayer’s money.

When it comes down to it, the possibility of 250,000, even if job creation falls well short of that, is better than the possibility of nothing.  The Democrats will be able to say that they got something done on the jobs issue and the Republicans can use this bill to show that the Democrats just are not doing enough to create jobs; a win-win for both sides.

Pass this turd of a jobs bill.

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