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You Know the White House is Desperate When…

March 8, 2010

Bo, the First Dog.

You know the White House is desperate when… they break out the photo albums.  Thursday morning, in a desperate move to garner goodwill from average Americans,  the White House released a new photo album;  “New Bo photo gallery w/ never before seen shots of everyone’s favorite first pet.

Photos taken of the President while he is working in the Oval Office are released on a regular basis, but it has become a surprisingly common practice for this White House to release “family” photos when the President’s polls are dropping or when the American voters are not buying what he is selling.    Upon taking office, the President and Mrs. Obama asked the press to neither photograph nor write about their daughters Sasha and Malia (which is a perfectly reasonable request, they are children and should be allowed to live as normal a life as they can under the circumstances), but it has become all too common for the First Family bring out the children for a photo shoot whenever Mr. Obama needs a boost.  December 2009 when Healthcare Reform was off track in the Senate or in September 2009 when the House was struggling with a similar bill.

The expectation is that the American people are going to forget about higher taxes, government takeovers and shady practices just because the pictures are so precious; who could be against the ideas of a President with such adorable daughters and such a cute dog?

Good luck with that.

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