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A little Healthcare Math

March 11, 2010

The White House has been railing against the Insurance Industry lately.  The President has demonized the Industry’s greed, their desire to make lots and lots of money, as a way to convince the American voting public to buy into his Healthcare Reform Bill.

There is an old saying in politics though, trust not what a politician says, but what he does.

According to the CBO, what the President’s plan does is it gives the Insurance Industry $436 Billion in subsidies and requires 31 million people who are currently uninsured to purchase coverage from health insurance carriers.  According to to page 4 of the CBO revision, that amounts to $875 Billion.

$436 billion in subsidies

+$875 billion in new business.

$1.311 Trillion benefit to the Insurance Industry.  It seems as if the President’s words are not exactly matching up with his actions.

If that is how this Healthcare Reform Bill pays the villains in the White House’s narrative, imagine how much money their friends are getting.


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