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Who Will be the Fall Guy?

March 14, 2010

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs’ days of ducking the Sestak Bribery Scandal are at an end.  Five times in the past three weeks the Press Corps has asked him a direct question regarding the matter, and five times Gibbs has hemmed, hawed, stuttered and obfuscated without providing so as much as a single offhanded denial.  When asked again on Friday the Press Secretary mumbled, “I do not have anymore information on that”, as if he provided any information before.  Although Gibbs may play dumb on TV, he knows that the truth is coming and it is going to hit this White House right square between the eyes.

If the White House did have any information that disputed Sestak’s claim, heck if anyone in the West Wing had even the opinion that the Pennsylvania Congressman ‘s claims were misremembered, that information would have been splattered all over the pages of the NY Times weeks ago.  The Press Secretary would have publicly shouted Sestak down, defending the White House’s honor and image, but Gibbs has played dumb; “Let me check into that.”

Mr. Gibbs is not “checking into the matter”, he already knows who said what and when.  Everybody in White House knows that somebody has committed a crime; the only discussions being had in the West Wing are 1) who is going to be the fall guy and 2) how can we delay the “confession” by said fall guy until after the Healthcare Reform Act vote?

Gibbs himself is an unlikely fall guy.  His repeated denials of even knowing about the issue would cause huge rift between the press and the White House, let alone the legal problems it would provide.  Rahm Emanuel may be the most likely sacrificial lamb; his critics have grown loud lately and have already begun circling his soon to be carcass. Revelations from the past few weeks have made it near certainty that Rahm would be shoved out the door shortly after the Healthcare vote anyways.  David Axelrod is just as likely as Emanuel to have schemed up a felony, but his gravitas with the insiders and slightly less frequent penchant for public stupidity may spare him; this time.  Was President Obama directly involved?  I am sure there are many other likely suspects.

One very large problem that the White House has though is that Joe Sestak knows exactly who offered him the bribe.  Would the White House Thugocracy be so brazen and stupid as to offer Sestak a second bribe in order to keep that very important name private?

So the question goes to you the reader; who is going to fall (more likely shoved) on the knife?  Who do you think will be the fall guy (or gal) in the Sestak Bribery Scandal? Please leave your comments below.

As a reminder to the reader and the White House:

“Whoever solicits or receives … any….thing of value, in consideration of the promise of support or use of influence in obtaining for any person any appointive office or place under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.” – 18 USC Sec. 211 — Bribery, Graft and Conflicts of Interest: Acceptance or solicitation to obtain appointive public office

Background information: The White House has a Bribery Problem, More White House Bribery Revealed, Still More Bribery in the Obama White House.


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