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Republican Gullibility: How the Process Debate is Losing the Healthcare Battle

March 17, 2010

Boehner, Cantor and PenceIn the 1990’s, President Bill Clinton was caught red handed (or at least blue dressed) and publicly lied about it, leading to out first impeachment proceedings in more than a century.  Deftly, the White house was able to turn the public argument from one they had no chance of winning into one which they at least had a fighting chance.  What started out as a black and white argument about whether or not he committed adultery and lied about it, transformed into an argument about whether or not, in the grand scheme of things, those things are really all that important; from morality to shades of morality.  In a yes he did, no he did not argument, the President had no chance but, in the degree of right and wrong argument, Bill Clinton was able to at least hold his ground acquit himself.

President Obama has used the same slight of hand in the current Healthcare Reform debate.  Rather than discussing the bill,  everyone is raging over the process.  Instead of discussing the disgusting details of a Healthcare Bill that pays for abortions, gives governemnt control to 1/6 of the US economy, was created with bribes, coercion and backroom deals, completely thwarting the will of the people, we are instead talking about the process of reconciliation and the process of the Slaughter solution.  Although these procedures seem so dirty and underhanded to the average American as well as a majority of the press, the Democrats feel much more comfortable fighting on this ground because the Republicans have used both of these very same procedures in the past.  Their transforms from the details of the bill, to; lawmaking is an ugly process when you see the every day details, but we are only following the established rules that the Republicans have used several times in the recent past.

Republican leadership has been completely fooled by this change in tactic and instead of smelling a rat, they have grabbed at the free government cheese the Democrats left for them.  The GOP is no longer focusing on the disgusting details of the Healthcare Reform Bill, but instead they are screaming red-faced about the unfairness of the process that the Democrats are using to get the bill passed.

Do not get me wrong, the process is dirty and underhanded, but it unfortunately it distracts form the real debate; Healthcare.  Democrats have seen that they get slaughtered when the details of the bill are discussed, at least with the process argument they can act like 4 year olds, point their finger and say, well the Republicans did it too.

The winning argument for Republicans is one about the details of the Healthcare Reform Bill; the winning argument for Democrats is about the process.   Republican leadership needs to decide which battle they want to fight.

Boehner, Cantor, Pence, please, do not give the Democrats the level playing field that they need to win; make them defend this disgusting monstrosity of a Healthcare Reform Bill.

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