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Next on the Agenda…

March 23, 2010

After a Presidency defining victory on Healthcare Reform, what does the White House do next?  The President has several items on his wish list, as does Nancy Pelosi (D,CA), but what path will they most likely choose?

It certainly is not going to be any kind of jobs bill, Obama has no intention of lowering taxes, therefore his only option would be another porkulous spending project.  November elections just around the corner voters are watching, so that is out.

Interestingly, CNN’s John King reported that President Obama’s approval numbers with union households has slipped to below 50%,  suggesting that  whatever is next for the White House it needs to include a gift for the unions.  Organized labor sold the farm backing Obama in 2008.  Union leaders feel that Obama owes his Presidency to their deep pockets and ardent support, yet he has not fulfilled any of the promises he made to them.  Although they have waited patiently, they are not going to wait patiently much longer.  Their big ticket item is Card Check, but that bill has died a slow and unnoticed death in the senate and its resurrection seems unlikely.

Amnesty for illegal aliens is the next most likely issue.  Current estimates are that we have over 10 million illegal immigrants living in the United States. The reasoning for Obama to push for Amnesty is:

  1. Amnesty satisfies Obama’s base.  If President Obama and the Democrats grant illegals amnesty, he would, overnight, add millions of Hispanics to the voting pool; a group which voted 2-1 in favor of Obama in the 2008 Presidential election.  This would be a huge boon for Democrat candidates and would please his base.
  2. Amnesty helps the unions.  At the same time, millions of formerly illegal workers would suddenly become legal and would be eligible to legally join unions, increasing membership and refilling the union PAC coffers.
  3. Although Amnesty helps the GOP with its base, it can be used to paint them in a negative light with many undecideds as well as the Main Stream Media.  Much like Healthcare Reform, the Democrats would use the “Civil Right” argument in order to paint Republicans as racist minority suppressors who want to serve big business by keeping immigrant labor illegal and cheap.

Currently, Conservatives, Republicans and the Tea Party activists are fired up over the Healthcare shenanigans; believing that they have all the momentum going into November.  Amnesty might just be the issue that once again tears apart the country, helping President Obama to steal a little bit of the wind from Republican sails, while at the same time firing up the President’s own base.  Just in time to steal a few Congressional seats away from Republicans in the November election.


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