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Political Sin

April 2, 2010

With today being Good Friday, I thought that the topic of sin would be appropriate.

Pride, anger, greed, corruption, bribery, racism, scandal; these are all words that have become all to commonplace in our current political rhetoric.  All too often our discourse has devolved into name calling, blaming and outrage rather that working together on the people’s business.

While much of the press has focused the alleged sins of the Tea Party, the President must bear much of the blame himself.  His recent political tour of blue states and college campuses, which is supposed to be touting his new Healthcare bill, has become nothing more that a taxpayer funded platform for the President to mock and ridicule his political opponents.

What is most striking, though, is the President’s desire to serve his own legacy, without any consideration for the will of the American people.  Last night, on the stump our President said;

“If you govern by pundits and polls, then you lose sight of why you got into public service in the first place.”

And he has good reason to say that.  Rather than enjoying a positive bump in the polls after his big Healthcare “victory”,President Obama is getting pummeled by the press and in the polls.  The most recent CBS News Poll shows his numbers bleeding all in all categories.  Obama’s approval rating has sunk to an all time low of just 44% while only 34% of those surveyed approve of the way that the President has handled Healthcare Reform.  More than 22% of those polled who support the President think that he handled Healthcare Reform poorly.  Mr. Obama has completely ignored the will of the people and his political standing has suffered dramatically from it.

While many in this country agree that the Healthcare system needs to be reformed, few want the complete transformation that recently has been passed into law.  The hostile rhetoric  been seen in this country of late is not the result of racism as many have claimed, but rather from the anger that many of the American people are feeling from being ignored by their elected representatives, including the President.  Anger from forced to swallow something that they they cannot palate.

The President’s Political Sin is forgetting who he was sent to Washington to serve; the American people.  He was sent to the White House to hear our voice, not his own.  Voters are willing to ignore a multitude of sins, slights and abuses from their political leaders, but one thing that they will not tolerate is being ignored.  Our country was formed when a frustrated populace said, “enough”, government refused to listen so they rose up.  In their case, the colonists were being taxed without any representation in government; in the current situation, people have sent representatives to participate in government, but the people feel that those elected officials, the President and House members, are not listening to the will and voice of the people.

The Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s was launched for the very same reasons.  A large segment of our society was being ignored in congress merely due to the color of their skin.  Unlike 1776, the Civil Rights movement was a non-violent revolution, but it was necessary for the very same reason; the will and voice of Americans was being ignored.

Today, much like in the past, the American people will not stand by while being ignored.  That is why on April 15th there will be Tea Party protests all over the country; why men and women, angry at our government, angry at Congress and angry at the President will rise up and make their voices heard.  Much as the Colonists revolted against the King George’s taxation without representation and the African-American community rose up against oppression, the current American populace will not stand for being pushed aside and told that government knows best.  Ignoring the will of the people is the one and only unforgivable political sin.

I know that I am not perfect, that I have sinned, but I also know that all I have to do admit that I have sinned, ask for forgiveness and all my sins are washed away.

Mr. President, it if time for you to set aside your pride,  humble yourself before the American people, ask for forgiveness and work towards reconciliation.

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