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The Tea Party WILL be Heard.

April 3, 2010

Town Hall Face

Detectives often tell of a little test they use to help them determine a prisoner’s guilt or innocence.  What they have noticed is that when they capture a suspect and put him (or her) in a cell, the guilty ones tend to fall asleep, the innocent often will not.  Police psychologists estimate that the guilty sleep because they realize that they no longer have to live the lie that they were living, they have been caught.  All pretense can be dropped and their body finally relaxes into a night of peaceful sleep.  The innocent, on the other hand, tend to be more worrisome, restless, irritable, angry; unable to fall asleep.  Already living a nightmare, they fear what might happen to them if they enter into the world of dreams.

For those readers who are still awake, all that you have to do is pick up any newspaper, magazine or watch a few minutes of network news and you will hear the clarion call of the current media.  Tea Party members are drowning in hate.  Angry white people who shout racial slurs, spit on members of Congress and hate the President because they feel threatened by his power and the color of his skin.  Interestingly, they determine what motivates the Tea Party without interviewing any of its members.

The media is WRONG.

More accurately, the Tea Party movement is the Civil Rights movement of our generation.

For those of you who have not fallen off of your chair in laughter or smashed your monitors in rage, let me explain.

People who are not part of the movement (aka the press and a large portion of our current government) do not understand why there is a Tea Party and what it is about.  What the protesters are so angry about is government.  It is not race, it is not the President, it is the government.  Now many on the left will scream, the protests are not about Obama, then why do the protesters have his picture with a Hitler mustache, or his face covered  in the Joker’s makeup?  It is because President Obama is the face of our current government, the very same government at which they are so angry.

Nancy Pelosi is another face of our government and that is why you will find her name and her face all over Tea Party protest signs as well.  And for those of you who want to make the silly argument that Nancy is attacked because she is a strong woman just as Barak Obama is because of the color of his skin, you would have to say you are mistaken.  Harry Reid is not considered to be a strong woman by many and the color of his skin is anything but dark, but he too is one of the faces of government and therefore has been the focus of many protest posters and signs.  In fact, Harry Reid has become such a target of the Tea Party’s ire that they held a protest in Searchlight, NV, Harry Reid’s home town, just to let him know what they thought of his leadership.  And if you pay close attention that the article, you will notice that the event was lead by Sarah Palin, who is a very strong (and beautiful) woman, as many Tea Party organizers and leaders are.

So the question arises, why are these people so angry?  What causes them to protest, shout and contort their faces into what has come to be known as the Town Hall Face?

Quite simply, the Tea Party’s anger is the same as what caused our Founding Fathers to stand up against the taxation policies of King George,  that caused women to stand up against the men only vote in the early 19oo’s and that caused African Americans to stand up against racism in the 1960’s.

The Tea Party is standing up, protesting and shouting because they want their voice to be heard by their government in Washington DC.  They feel shut out, ignored and discounted.  Tea Party members voted for change, but not this change; want healthcare Reform, but not this Healthcare Bill; want our government to help stimulate the economy, but not with a pork laden stimulus bill that spent way too much more than the government can afford.  Tea Party Protesters feel as if they are not being heard by a government that has disregarded the Constitution, recklessly spent their tax dollars and completely ignored the will of a majority of the people.

The Liberal media thinks that if they ridicule members of the Tea Party, call them names like Teabagger, if they call them racists and accuse them of violence, that the protesters will admit guilt, fold up their signs,  roll up their flags and fade into the distance; much like the criminal who falls asleep in the jail cell.  The problem is that media does not understand what the Tea Party is all about.  These people are still protesting, still shouting, still waiting for their voice to be heard in Washington and until their voice is heard, they will not stop.

On April 15, 16 and 17, the Tea Party will hold protests all over our great country.  Protesters will be even more numerous than they were last year and much, much  louder as well.  They will not sit down, they will not be silent, they will not go to the back of the bus and they will not accept government as usual.  The Tea Party will be heard!

And then on November 2, the Tea Party will be heard from again.

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  1. tomgrint permalink
    April 4, 2010 11:06 am

    The tea party movement is mostly about individual liberty. Last time I checked, it was the principle America was founded upon. Amazing how the MSM, who depend on freedom, work against it constantly and intentionally.

  2. Trisha permalink
    June 4, 2010 2:00 pm

    The tenets of the tea party patriots are:
    1. Fiscal responsibility and accountability
    2. Limited government
    3. Adherance to the Constitution

    That’s what the Tea Party stands for and I’m proud to be an active member.


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