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Goodbye Chairman Steele!

April 5, 2010

GOP Chairman Michael Steele

It is time for Michael Steele to go.

Today’s interview with  George Stephanopoulos on GMA.

The first 3:50 of this video shows exactly why Steele makes an excellent Chairman of the Republican National Committee.  Sure, under his leadership the RNC’s ship does occasionally take on unnecessary water, but Chairman Steel always rights the ship and turns a negative into a positive for the GOP.

Unfortunately, the video does not end at the 3:50 mark.

When asked if Race is an issue, Steel replied,

“The honest answer is yes, it just is. Barack Obama has a slimmer margin.  A lot of folks do. It means a different role for me to play and others to play.”

Unfortunately, Steele spends the last 2 minutes of the video declaring, on national TV mind you, that the reason that he and Barack Obama are criticized by Republicans is racism.  Unfortunately, Chairman Steele feels that he is being criticized for wasteful spending, bad decisions and mismanagement is because of the color of his skin.

Unfortunately, Chairman Steel feels that Republicans are criticizing Barak Obama’s policies not because he ignored the will of the American people, not because he raised takes, not because he let the government take over 1/6th of the US economy, not because he has spent and spent and spent until the National Debt reached $12.6 Trillion, not because his current budget proposal creates even more debt, but because of the color of his skin.

Unfortunately it is time for Michael Steele to go.

Goodbye Chairman Steele.


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