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Straw Poll Thoughts

April 11, 2010

Southern Republican Leadership Conference 2010

Why these political gatherings always feel the need to take a poll, I have no idea, but here are my thoughts on the  Southern Republican Leadership Conference’s 2010 straw poll.

  1. First of all, I was glad to see that you did not need to be Southern to attend or participate in the poll.
  2. As usual, only half of the convention goers participated in the vote.
  3. The two candidates that put forth an effort (Romney and Paul) did the best.
  4. Who the heck is Gary Johnson and why was he included?
  5. How can you have a straw poll without including Gov. Rick Perry (TX), or Gov. Haley Barbour (MS)?

But the biggest question that I am left with is, “Why do they do this?”  Even thought he straw poll was open for days, half of the attendees did not bother to vote.  Many of them had something more important on their minds, 2010, to waste their time on filling out a meaningless ballot.

What is most disappointing, though,  is that there were 3 days of amazing speakers, leaders and candidates talking to the American people about Conservative issues, about those things that really matter to voters and the only information that they get from the National Press is that there was a virtual tie between Mitt Romney and Ron Paul.  For the millions of American voters who did not tune in, who did not hear the speakers, who do not know anything more about the Republican party other that it is the “Party of No”, the only information that they given from SRLC from is: Romney 439, Paul 438.

What a shame.

Newt Gingrich    18%
Mike Huckabee  4%
Gary Johnson    1%
Sarah Palin       18%
Ron Paul           24% (438 votes)
Tim Pawlenty   3%
Mike Pence      3%
Mitt Romney    24% (439 votes)
Rick Santorum    2%

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