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Joe “Big F-ing Deal” Biden: Afraid to Step Foot in PA-12

April 18, 2010

The city of Pittsburgh at night.

I cannot believe it!  Our very own Vice President and late night talk show hero, Joe “Big F-ing Deal” Biden, is coming to Southwestern Pennsylvania!   “BDF” is here to put on a fundraising shindig for Mark Critz’s struggling congressional campaign.  Critz, who spent years as Jack Murtha’s lackey, learned, well, how to be a bigger man’s lackey, and not much else, which is probably why he is behind in the most recent internal polls.  On the issues, Critz leans a little further Left than most voters in the PA 12th Congressional district are comfortable with, so, rather than adopting the issues that his constituents believe in, Critz is going to run hundreds of commercials to disparage the image and run down the reputation of his special election opponent, Republican Tim Burns.

It is strange though, Mark Critz seems to know where the 12th is.  His commercials show him campaigning in empty steel mills and struggling coal mines (hopefully not the result of his former boss’ policies).  Critz knows that Johnstown is in the 12th, he lives there.  Surely he knows that Latrobe, New Kensington, Indiana,  Uniontown, Monessen and Washington are in the 12th as well.

The city of Pittsburgh is not in the 12th.

So then why are Mark Critz and Joe “Big F-ing Deal”  Biden having dinner outside of the district, in the city of Pittsburgh.

Is it because Joe “Big F-ing Deal” Biden thrashed the coal industry in his failed 2008 Presidental bid.  “Big F-ing Dea”l Biden said that there was no such thing as “clean coal” and that he was going to work until there were “no coal plants here in America”?


Coal is a vital part of the PA-12 economy.  In fact, PA-12’s survival depends on clean coal technology, otherwise the district, already hurting financially, will lose thousands more jobs.   Joe “Big F-ing Deal” Biden’s policies make it so he cannot step foot in Pennsylvania’s 12th Congressional District.  The “BFD” has to sneak in the area with the cover of night, being careful to avoid the people from the actual district for which he is raising the campaign funds.  Shameful

If only there were a candidate running for Congress who supports clean coal and knows what it takes to create jobs in the 12th.  That candidate would be worthy of not only  PA-12’s support, our entire country should support a candidate like that.

Pennsylvania's 12th Congressional District.

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