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Critz and Pelosi, Sitting in a Tree…

April 20, 2010

The Pelosi-Critz Dinner Invitation.

24% of residents in Pennsylvanis’s 12th Congressional District have a favorable opinion of Nancy Pelosi.

28% of residents in PA-12 think that her Healthcare Reform Bill was a good thing for America.

29% of residents in PA-12 approve of the job that the Democrats in Congress are doing.

So how does PA-12 Democrat candidate Mark Critz mitigate these atrocious numbers?  Tonight Mark Critz will go to Capitol Hill for a Fundraising Dinner sponsored by Nancy Pelosi and selected other Democrats in Congress.  The dinner is hosted by Nancy Pelosi in Washington DC.  (The invite is printed above in the odd chance that yours was not delivered on time.)

Talk about being out of touch with the voters.  Talk about utter and complete arrogance.  Talk about telling the people of PA-12 that you will represent them, but then dining at the right hand of the person who was single-handedly responsible for shoving Healthcare Reform, Cap and Trade and that monstrosity of a Stimulus Bill down the throats of the American people.  What utter and complete contempt Mark Critz must have for the voters of PA-12.

Do the voters of PA-12 really want another drone, beholden to the will of Mistress Pelosi, or do they desire an independent voice, looking to serve their interests alone.

Pa-12 does not need more of the same old Washington DC, it is time for a change.

Support Tim Burns today.


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