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Effective use of the “N” Word in 2010 Politics

April 26, 2010

The "N" Word

According to Rasmussen Reports, only 2% of americans believe that Congress is doing an “excellent” job.  57% of all American think that Congress is doing a “poor” job.  The anti-incumbent fever is further clarified when looked at in conjunction with the Generic Congressional Ballot where Republicans hold a ten point lead over Democrats, 46% to 36%.

The most effective way to demean and demoralize Congressional Democrats right now is to pull out the “N” Word every chance you get.

NOVEMBER. My “N” Word is November.

This weekend at the Pittsburgh Post Party Summit hosted by American Majority, Erick Erickson from recalled on of his favorite signs from the 2010 Washington DC Tax Day Tea Party; “My ‘N’ Word is November.”

Just a simple reminder to the Democrats; your time in the majority is near its end.  Mid-term elections are just around the corner and the American people will Remember in November.

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