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The Carbon Dioxide Fraud

April 26, 2010

President Obama, The Environmental Protection Agency, Greenpeace and various other environmental activists propagandized the American people this Earth Day, attempting to sell the fraudulent idea that the release of Carbon Dioxide is destroying our planet.

This is what the White House and the News Media did not show you:

As anyone who took 8th grade Biology knows, Carbon Dioxide is plant food.

Increasing the Carbon Dioxide caused the plant to grow faster and 44% larger.  CO2 levels were increased from .038% of air to .068% (a non-toxic level).

The Network News is not going to show you this story because it does not Fit the Narrative that they have been peddling for years.  You will not see it in your local paper or the New York Times.  The only way that the TRUTH is going to get out is with your help.  Pass on this blog, link the video on your web site, write your own blog about the fraud, help me get this message to others.


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