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The Patriot and the Miracle

May 3, 2010

Scott Brown's Miracle Victory in Massachusetts

When no one gave him a chance, Massachusetts had its miracle.

Coming from no where in the polls just a few short months before the election, Scott Brown snapped victory from the jaws of defeat, returning the “Kennedy seat” back to the people of Massachusetts.  Brown became the “41st Vote” in the senate, a means to slow Harry Reid’s push for a Socialist America.

While Scott Brown was shocking the world in Massachusetts, a Tea Party Patriot from Western Pennsylvania was beginning his quest to give a representative voice back to the people of Pennsylvania.  Tim Burns began his quest dismally behind in the polls, but his message of returning American government to its “first principles” resonated with the people of Western Pennsylvania, and his star began to rise.

Now that Tim burns has the Democrats on the run, the Massachusetts Miracle is coming to town to help secure the Pennsylvania Patriot’s victory.  This May 14th,  Scott Brown is coming to Western Pennsylvania to help Tim Burns, once and for all, put a stop to Nancy Pelosi’s liberal attack on American freedoms.

Just as the “Kennedy seat” was used to fight back the liberal Senate agenda it once advocated, can the “Murtha Seat” be used to thwart Nancy Pelosi radical left wing agenda in the House?

Scott Brown and Tim Burns say, yes it can!


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