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Big Brother is Watching You, Pennsylvania.

May 4, 2010

Feeling safe and secure in the privacy of your home?  Well don’t, Big Brother is watching you.

This video would be funny if some conspiracy minded nut-job created it, but it is the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania that footed the bill on this one.

I understand that tax revenues are down, and that the government just wants the taxpayers to pay what they already owe, but it is not the role of government to scare, threaten and/or intimidate its citizenry.  This add is plastered all over TV these days with the very clear message;

We are the government.  We have the guns, power and technology to hunt you down.  We know who you are and we are coming to get you.  Turn yourself in, or suffer the wrath of Pennsylvania government.

The problem is that there are millions of Pennsylvania families, the ones who obey the laws and pay their taxes, who are sitting around their houses thinking, “Did we make a mistake?  Did We forget something.  Do you think that we are the people that ad is talking about?”

Here’s an idea, if you know who the tax delinquents are and where they live, SEND THEM A LETTER! Make a phone call, send an email anything other than televised terrorism.

It is the role of government to protect its people; stop terrorizing them Pennsylvania.

Click here to contact Governor Ed Rendell and tell him to stop terrorizing the citizens of Pennsylvania.


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