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Nancy said No!

May 6, 2010

Shortly after Wednesday night’s debate with Tim Burns, Mark Critz was asked a few questions by John McCormack of the Weekly Standard:

TWS: Mr. Critz, you would have opposed the health care bill, correct?
CRITZ: Correct.
TWS: So why don’t you support repeal of the health care bill?
CRITZ: Because I think in this part of the world, you know what we do?  We work with what we have and we look forward. We try to fix what we have instead of going backwards.
TWS: And do you think the health care bill currently—the law—pays for abortions?
CRITZ: No, I don’t.

Let’s face it, Critz’s “position” is utter nonsense.

It might have made more sense if he had stated a position before the bill passed, he did not.

It might have made more sense if he had said that he would work to repeal the bill that he claims to oppose, he will not.

If Mark Critz were actually telling the truth, rather than reciting an after-the-fact, polled, focus grouped, politician-speak answer, he would not have stuttered another blatant lie.  Critz should have said, “I cannot support the repeal of Healthcare Reform because I am beholden to Nancy Pelosi and Nancy told me that I am not allowed to oppose her bill.”


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