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Hugo Chavez Joins Terrorist Organization!

May 8, 2010

Hugo Chavez, President of Venezuela

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has a problem with Twitter.

From‘s article, Venezuela: Chavez equates Twitter with terrorism;

After finding himself on the receiving end of widespread criticism and unfriendly hashtags on Twitter, Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez has announced that he now considers Twitter messages and social networking as terrorist threats.

Much to his dismay, the usual tactics for silencing any criticism did not work; Chavez was unable to shut down parts of the internet or Twitter itself, so the the opposition continued to voice their views unfettered.

Unable to stop the dissent by his rivals, the Venezuelan President’s decided to join the “terrorist” organization.  (He can be found at @chavezcandanga)  According to Fox News, Chavez has quickly amassed an army of over 245,000 Twitter revolutionaries to fight back against the truth.  His red army plan is the basic strategy of internet thuggery; attack, disparage and drown out any and all opposition.

Below is the absolutely surreal video that Chavez is using to recruit members to his Red Twitter army.  I have included a translation underneath for those less familiar with Spanish.  (Thanks to Paty Newman for the Translation)

“Once upon a time there was a place called Twitter. For a long time these little birds could say whatever they wanted (Dictator, Regime, Dictatorship, there’s no Liberty) All the birds that lived there were the only one that spoke, and they spoke about the same subject (Free Venezuela,Chavez is to blame) and they repeated the same things over and over (Dictatorship, Regime, No to Communism)

Even though those little birds lived very happy like that, because they all thought the same way, they all thought they held the truth. It was a very boring place (…., you too, RT, RT)

Then came a few little birds that thought a different way (in Red: Peace, Humanity…in blue: Be quiet you Radicals! HA HA HA)but there were only a few, and the other ones (the blue ones) ignored them or made fun of them.

Then one day, by surprise, a new little bird arrived with new ideas: @chavezCandanga And with him came thousands and thousands of little birds with humanitarian and creative ideas, with love for their country and humanity (Equality, Love, Culture, Revolution, Dignity, Socialism)  with the goal to build a better WORLD.

Since then, that magical place called Twitter was never again the same!

Twitter, now it BELONGS to EVERYONE!”

Free Twitter, suppress opposition; crazy sees what crazy wants to see.  The size and scope of this man’s ego, as well as his blood thirst for power,  is both scary and comical.

It does make you think though.  Our current President is rather thin-skinned himself.  Will net-neutrality be used to silence his opposition?


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