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The “Hot” Factor

May 15, 2010

Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) and Tim Burns

Friday afternoon, Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown came to Western Pennsylvania to endorse Tim Burns in the PA-12 Congressional race.

The Other McCain has several excellent pieces describing the events of the day including: PA-12: Scott Brown endorses Tim Burns.

What really struck me though was the “hot” factor mentioned by several of the event’s participants.  Sure, “hot” can refer to all the national attention a candidate is receiving, how volunteers are coming from all over the country to help out, or how he is surging in the polls, but for this one event, hot seemed to have meant a little more.

Now do not get me wrong, there are always politically involved women at rally’s like this, but Friday there just seemed to be quite a few more more than usual.  Having Tim Burns and Scott Brown on the same stage at the same time more than doubled the “hot” factor for many of the female participants.

Do not get me wrong, these women came to the Washing County Courthouse for politics, but the side order of beefcake made the event especially exciting for many.  There were plenty of beaming smiles, gushing support and enthusiastic cheering as each man spoke.

There’s nothing wrong with a little eye candy if it brings out the votes.

The PA-12 special election is on Tuesday, May 18th.  Vote twice, its legal.

Scott Brown (R-MA) and Tim Burns (R-cand, PA-12)

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