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Why I support Chuck DeVore

May 16, 2010

California has many financial problems, all of its own making.  The state faces a $19.1 Billion dollar budget shortfall for 2010.  The Democrat legislature continues to call for tax increases; thankfully Chuck DeVore has stood firm against any tax increases.

Assemblyman Chuck DeVore, R-Irvine, blamed Democratic lawmakers who control a majority of the Legislature, saying they were responsible for the deficit because of years of overspending. His comments, like those of other Republicans, reflect a hold-the-line mentality against any kind of tax or fee increase.

“The public employee unions and Democrat lawmakers howling about proposed cuts should look no farther than the nearest mirror for the cause of this crisis,”

The Federal Government will soon be facing very similar problems, and Democrats like Barbara Boxer are going to, once again, propose tax increases.

We need an unwavering leader like Chuck DeVore to fight for us, against the Democrat’s tax and spend philosophy.

Join me in supporting Chuck DeVore for the United States Senate.

An excellent video example of Chuck DeVore fighting against tax increases.


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