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The Inane Specter/Sestak Analysis

May 20, 2010

The MSM pundits who spend all day on a phone talking with other inane MSM blowhards keep peddling the same trite Washington-speak about the Specter loss Tuesday night.  The Fix’s, Chris Cillizza has the top three in one article:

  1. It was because Specter switched parties.
  2. Specter couldn’t explain the R to D switch.
  3. Incumbents are on the outs.
  4. I will even throw in a 4th, Sestak ran a great campaign.

No, no, no and no.

If you want to find out why people in Pennsylvania voted Arlen Specter out of office, you might want to ask the voters themselves; which is what I did.

The phrase I heard at the polls on Tuesday, over and over again;

“I don’t care about any of the other races, I am just here to vote against Arlen Specter.”

Either unprompted or when asked a simple why , the response was nearly uniform;

“Because he didn’t listen to his constituents.  He voted what he wanted, not what we wanted him to.”

The problem that voters had with Specter in Pennsylvania and Bennett in Utah was one of obedience, not incumbency.

It seems that the American people still believe in a Representative Democracy.


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