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Breaking News: Will Folks Had an “Inapropriate Physical Relationship” with His Mailman (who is a Married Man)?

May 27, 2010

What Does a Mail Carrier Do? He Does Will Folks 6 Times a Week.

This just in:

Due to the intense media scrutiny that Blogger Will Folks has unleashed upon himself, a reporter for Red Dog Report has uncovered that a married man has been regularly visiting Mr. Folks’ home.

Around the neighborhood residents simply refer to Sic Willie’s gentleman caller as, “the Mailman”.

At approximately the same time every day, (except Sundays when it is assumed that the Mailman is spending time with his wife and family)  an as of yet unidentified Mail Carrier has been making  regular calls on the Folks household.  As part of the subterfuge, the Mail Carrier parks down at the end of the street to avoid any direct linkage between the two.

Several neighbors have reported that the Mailman makes a “delivery” to Will’s home five or six times a week at about the same time every day.

One neighbor, who wishes to remain anonymous, remembers hearing the Mailman say; “I have a package for you”, just before being welcomed into the Folk’s residence.

When asked about Mailman-Gate, Folks refused to acknowledge any of the questions directly, instead, he chose only to discuss alleged heterosexual affair with South Carolina gubernatorial candidate Nikki Haley.

For someone who is not going to discuss the matter any further, Mr. Folks continues to discuss the alleged affair on a daily basis.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

In today’s drama-blog, Sic Willie asks his readers to make the assumption that since Nikki Haley’s car was parked outside of his home, the two of them were bumping uglies inside. The same stretch can be made in regards to the Mailman.

To once again quote The Other McCain;

Hey, douchebag: Publish the e-mails or shut the hell up. I’ve got $20 that says you can’t produce an e-mail proving an affair with Nikki Haley. What you are doing is demanding that Haley prove a negative.

Will Folks has already proven one thing beyond a shadow of a doubt: He is a vicious monster.

Put up or shut up douchebag.

Tomorrow’s Red Dog Report Exclusive: The Milkman.

UPDATE: 5/27 2:24 pm – Erick Erickson over at is reporting that he knows who paid Will Folks to push this story;

Who paid Will Folks? He was alleged offered money. A LOT of money. In fact, RedState now confirms through a whole heap of sources that he’s been trying to sell this story for a year.  We know who bit.  We know who didn’t bite.  We know who paid Will Folks to push this story out there.

Oh, and you guys in the media, you’ve let Folks string you along. We’re going to string you along.

Tune in later for the answer.

Erickson does have a horse in the SC Governor’s race, but I sure am curious to find out what he knows.

UPDATE II: 5/27 9:30 pm – Erickson repeats the call for Sic Willie to put up or shut up;

Let’s see the proof. Get it over with. Let her family, one way or the other, have some respite.

Also, McCain shoots down one possible money trail theory.

Click back later for updates.

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  1. Wig Splitter permalink
    May 27, 2010 7:23 pm

    First it was woman beating, now this criminal is trying to run a swear campaign that is so obvious Helen Keller can see it.

    If this character can not produce “slam dunk” type evidence completely supporting his accusations, he needs to be held accountable.

    From what I understand, he and his cohorts are already in the process of being sued by several other nonpublic individuals for their inability to tell the truth.

    O well, I hope you, your mother, and all of your loved ones sleep tight tonight. See you around Columbia sometime.

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