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Pennsylvania Republican Senate Candidate Pat Toomey: “We’re United” (Video)

June 1, 2010

Pat Toomey, Republican Candidate for  the US Senate in PennsylvaniaIn a recent video release, Pat Toomey keeps the message simple”

“Out of control spending has got to stop”

With the economy, Pennsylvanians can continue down the same road of job loss and unemployment, or;

“We need to revive the economy and generate jobs growth, but it doesn’t happen by raising taxes and growing government, it happens by encouraging job growth in the private sector.”

Many believe that this Senate seat should have been Toomey’s six years ago, but Rick Santorum instead endorsed future turncoat Arlen Specter.  Now that the nomination is finally his, Toomey is not waiting until the end of summer to take the fight to Joe Sestak;

“Joe Sestak is not just a standard liberal Democrat who supports the entire agenda down in Washington, but he goes even beyond the mainstream of the Democratic party, further left.”

There are two distinct choices in this race, the liberal tax and spend government programs of Joe Sestak, or the tax-cutting, job promoting policies of Pat Toomey.

Support Pat Toomey for Senate.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


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