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Marchant Unable to Back up His Affair Claim Against Nikki Haley

June 8, 2010

Nikki Haley (left) and Andre Bauer (far right) are likely headed for a runoff in the South Carolina Governor's race.

Larry Marchant, who just days before the South Carolina Governor’s primary claimed to have an affair with candidate Nikki Haley, was not able to back up his claim yesterday.  When given a Lie Detector, by 2 independent researchers, Marchant’s results came up inconclusive.

It seems that even Marchant does not believe his allegations.

Lt. Governor, and South Carolina Governor candidate, Andre Bauer was able to pass his Lie Detector test, which is not surprising since, as we all know, serpents can all but stop their hearts under certain conditions.

So what does it all mean?  Nothing.

Nikki Haley is still going to come out on top in Tuesday’s primary, although if she does not top 50%, we are going to be subject to another 2 weeks of lies, slanders and accusations.

Here’s hoping the voters give her a majority today.


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