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Bill Clinton 2, Barack Obama 0

June 9, 2010

Bill Clinton advises Barack Obama.

Last week, former President Bill Clinton came out in support of Blanche Lincoln; Lincoln won.

A month earlier Mr. Clinton ventured out to Johnstown, PA in support of Mark Critz, Critz won.

At the same time that Clinton was in Johnstown, Barack Obama appeared in a commercial endorsing Arlen Specter; Specter lost.

Obama also campaigned for Martha Coakley; Coakley lost.

And Deeds; who lost.

And Corzine; who lost.

2010 Democrat candidates take note; Barack Obama is slow toxic death to a campaign, who was avoided like the plague on a recent trip to Pittsburgh. while Bill Clinton continues to be the golden boy of American politics.

Then again, Bill did back Hilary in 2008 and look how that turned out.

UPDATE: 6/10 5:30 pm – It seems that the writers over at AP have been reading the Red Dog ReportA day and a half I published this post, they have an very similar story.

Democratic candidates up and down the ballot are requesting his help, seeking his backslapping politicking and high-dollar fundraising prowess. And there’s little doubt that this political creature is basking in the attention, if not coveting the opportunity to campaign for Democrats where President Barack Obama may not be as welcome.

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