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Is There a Tea Party in Our Future?

June 13, 2010


Ten years from now the Tea Party will only be talked about in history books and the one in the Boston Harbor will be mentioned more than the ones that occurred in the early 21st century.

Before you get your panties all wadded up in a bunch; the tea Party will not die, if it evolves.

Erick Erickson Suggested Tea Party 2.0, putting down the signs and getting involved in the day to day world of politics.  Stacy McCain inspires (“We’ll start the war from right here!”) while putting Tea Party on the line for measurable goals;

“At the end of the day, making your voice heard in politics — in any really effective way – requires winning elections. Winning elections at the level… isn’t easy, and… the success or failure of any one campaign cannot automatically be taken as evidence of a trend.”

Bull Dupray also measures Tea Party success with victories at the ballot box, including;

“Any liberal, moderate, or RINO who loses is a victory for the Tea Party.”

Democrats understand this.  That is why they have taken a two-fold approach to dealing with the Tea Party this fall.  Underscore the Tea Party’s actual importance by associating candidates directly with the GOP or Republican strategists while on the other hand showing the Tea Party as being fractured and uncoordinated.

So don’t get all chicken little when the Washington Post or some other Lamestream Media type tries to tell you that the Tea Party is dead, dying or fractured; they are never going to tell the truth about our movement.

At the same time, now is not the time to get overconfident either;

“Come November, the political elite, especially those big-government types, will find out that they are, politically speaking, an endangered species.”

Here’s a theory that I have that not many on the right seem to ascribe to.  The Democrats are now in power.  They like power.  The Democrats are not going to just roll over and hand the reigns of government over to the GOP and the Tea Party simply because dozens of people are in an uproar.  Does anyone remember Healthcare reform?

The Democrats, especially entrenched stalwarts like Barney Frank, Harry Reid and Barbara Boxer are going to fight with all that they have to keep the power that they currently have.  Money, Unions, Special Interest Groups, lies and innuendos; whatever it takes, they will wield it in order to to defeat any and all interlopers.

Democrats will lose seats in the 2010 election, but will maintain majorities in both the House and Senate.

The inability to remake government in its own image in 2010 will become the starting point of the Tea Party’s evolution.  By 2012, the Tea Party will be more of an activist organization that works either in conjunction with, or from within the Republican Party.  Conservatives will begin to understand that elections are difficult and without the political system and structure of a political party, results are difficult to come by.

The 2012 evolution will gradually lead to a falling away from many in the Tea Party movement, while others are absorbed into the system.

Conservatives, deep down in their hearts, are very much like the early Israelite nation.  The Book of Kings tells of how the Israelites begin with a close relationship with God, but over time, leaders change and the new leaders do not follow God as closely (or at all).  Soon the people began to follow other gods and the nation fell into ruin.  A new leader rises up and he says to the people, we need to return to the One True God, so they do and Israel is restored.  This pattern was repeated over and over again in Israel.

The Conservative movement has always followed the same pattern.  The Silent Majority in the 70’s, the Reagan Revolution in the 80’s, the Religious Right in the 90’s and the Tea Party movement of today, Conservatives have always risen up to meet a problem, only to fade away once their task is completed.

Why?  Because Conservatives actually practice what they preach.  Government is the problem; Conservatives would rather shrink government, create their own business and spend time with their family than be involved with the enemy.  In a few years, as Obomunism is beaten back, the Tea Party will slowly fade away as most of its members rejoin the real world.

Some will not follow the normal pattern.  Some will say in their hearts, never again, and will join the fight permanently either as politicians themselves, leaders within the Republican party or just as activly engaged citizens, but most will fade away.

So now is the time to act.  Get involved in the process.  Support conservative candidates with your money, time and effort.  Make a difference now while the fires still burn.

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