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Latino GOP Candidates on the Rise in 2010

June 27, 2010

Republican Susana Martinez (second from left) being endorsed by Sarah and Todd Palin

The mainstream media tends to ignore stories that do not fit their current narrative.  The Press’ disdain for Arizona’s Immigration Law leads them to one conclusion; the GOP has a problem with Latinos.  Any mention of Marco Rubio in Florida is quickly dismissed by the left press; the GOP’s tough stance against Castro has always drawn Cubans to the Republican Party.

Abel Maldonado, the son of immigrant field workers, recently won the Republican primary for Lt. Governor in California, but if you do not read the LA Times, you probably do not know that.

In Nevada, former federal judge Brian Sandoval, a George W. Bush appointee, knocked off incumbent Governor Jim Gibbons to win the GOP gubernatorial nomination and has a 22 point lead in the polls, but somehow that story continues to evade the evening news.

And in New Mexico, the state with the largest percentage of Latinos (45%), Susana Martinez (endorsed by Sarah Palin) is the GOP’s nominee for Governor while John Sanchez is running for Lt. Governor, also under the Republican banner.

Have you heard about Idaho’s Raul LabradorVictor Amendaris in Georgia?  Roy Morales and Fernando Herrera in Texas?  I thought not.

2010 is definitely the year of the Latino GOP candidate.


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