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NRA Comes out Firing!

June 28, 2010

The NRA has come out firing after today’s 5-4 Supreme Court decision in McDonald vs. the City of Chicago.

The National Rifle Association is preparing legal challenges to all restrictive gun laws in the wake of today’s verdict that the states — like the federal government — must allow their citizens to carry guns.

The Supreme Court has now said the Second Amendment is an individual freedom for all. And that must have meaning. This decision must provide relief to law-abiding citizens who are deprived of their Second Amendment rights.

So the NRA is promising action.  All across the country, every law that restricts an individual’s right to own a gun will be challenged by the NRA.

What good is a right without the gun? What good is the right if you can’t buy one? Or keep one in your home? Or protect your family with one?

“We’re going to be in courtrooms making sure these aren’t just words on a piece of paper,”

Today was a victory for the NRA, but the fight is not over until all citizens, regardless of where they live in this country, have the right to bear arms.

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