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Donors to Sue Crist

June 29, 2010

Florida Governor and Independent Senate Candidate Charlie Crist

On April 29th, Florida Governor Charlie Crist pulled what is now known as an “Arlen Specter”.  Crist, who had been running for US Senate as a Republican looked at the polls and saw that he had no shot of beating Marco Rubio in the Republican Primary.  Rather than admitting defeat, Crist left the Republican Party to run as an Independent.

And that made many of his longtime Republican donors very angry;

“Offering to receive, and accepting, the Republican contributions to his campaign for Senate as a Republican candidate, and then actually running against the Republican candidate without refunding the Republican contributions is not right.  It also violates the law and has caused damages to thousands of donors.”

So in that greatest of American traditions, the donors are suing Crist to get their money back.

Linda Morton of East Naples donated $500 to Gov. Charlie Crist’s campaign for the U.S. Senate, while John Rood of Jacksonville, a retired U.S. ambassador, contributed $4,800 to the Republican.

Now they want a refund.

The two filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of all contributors, demanding a refund from the long-time Republican.

Although a refund would be nice, the only true justice that can be served in this case  will come this November at the ballot box.

Here is the video where Crist gleefully  informs the world that he is keeping the Republican donations.


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