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Why the Elena Kagan Hearings are a Complete Waste of Time

June 29, 2010

Elena Kagan’s testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee this week is a complete waste of time.  Since her nomination on May 10th, Kagan has been prepped, prodded and prepared for every possible eventuality.  There will be no news.  Kagan will not even bother to tell the truth about anything she believes.

Did I just call Elena Kagan a liar?

Yes.  Yes I did.

Can I back up my statement?

Yes.  Yes I can.

The proof: Sonja Sotomayor.

Patrick Leahy: “Is It Safe To Say That You Accept The Supreme Court’s Decision As Establishing That The Second Amendment Right Is An Individual Right? Is That Correct?”

Sotomayor: “Yes, Sir.”

She lied.

Monday, when the McDonald vs. City of Chicago was read, Sotomayor’s comments were;

“I Can Find Nothing In The Second Amendment’s Text, History, Or Underlying Rationale That Could Warrant Characterizing It As ‘Fundamental’ Insofar As It Seeks To Protect The Keeping And Bearing Of Arms For Private Self-Defense Purposes.”

She lied.

She was practiced, prepped and prepared and she lied.

Elana Kagan’s going to lie too.

Mark my words.

UPDATE: 6/29 11:50 – Its good to see that the fine writers over at the Washington Times are finally catching up to yours truely;

Ominously, Justice Sonia Sotomayor joined the Breyer dissent – contradicting what she told the U.S. Senate and the American people last summer.

Next year, at just about this very date, we will find out what Elena Kagan was lying about during her Senate testimony.


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