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URGENT Call to Action for ALL NRA Members!

July 1, 2010

Nevada Senator Harry Reid

Erick Erickson over at RedState is reporting that the NRA is leaning towards endorsing Harry Reid over Sharron Angle in the Nevada Senate race.

Multiple sources tell me the National Rifle Association is planning to endorse liberal Harry Reid against pro-gun champion Sharron Angle.  I’m getting credible reports that the NRA is leaning toward endorsing Harry Reid, even though the NRA is finally saying it will score a vote on Kagan — something that was not a sure thing.  Why would they do this? Why would they go out of their way to protect a Senator who has demonstrated a repeated hostility to the Second Amendment in his votes and his leadership?

Read the rest of the story here.

Harry Reid talks the talk when it comes to the Second Amendment, but he clearly does not walk the walk.  Reid has a long history of endorsing  judges with strong anti-second amendment views as well as voting for gun control laws.

This is an urgent issue and we must act today!

Member or not, call the NRA today; (800) 392-VOTE (8683) .  Let them know that you strongly oppose Reid’s endorsement.

UPDATE: 7/1 3:10 pm – Ace is on the case as well:

Harry Reid may have bought them off by giving them a carve-out (exception) in the DISCLOSE Act, and now it’s their turn to pony up their end of the deal.

Or maybe it’s for an earmark.

Either way, it’s corrupt and contrary to the stated goals of the organization.

More of Ace’s analysis here.

Simply put, this is not something to let “others” take care of; its up to you!  Call the NRA now:  1-(800) 392-VOTE (8683).

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  1. judy DiJoseph permalink
    July 1, 2010 1:18 pm

    I called the NRA left msg. that I strongly oppose the NRA indorsing Harry Reid. Called back and spoke to someone to give same msg. The people in this country have lost their minds! The US needs to turn in prayer to the God that this country was founded for!!! Our founding Fathers are probably rolling in their graves over how far this country has sunk!!!!

    • July 1, 2010 2:51 pm

      Awesome Judy! Information without action is pretty much useless. Thank you for calling the NRA, I hope others will as well.

  2. justin vidal permalink
    July 7, 2010 4:28 pm

    So I see the NWO is coming into affect. We will lose the right to bear arms, totally.

    If some haven’t noticed we have already lost more of our constitution right to these radicals.

    The 2nd amendment, just one of an infinite number of the inalienable individual and states’ rights, documents that individuals, even before the formation of the USA, have the right to bear arms. “Inalienable” in that there exists no power anywhere that can remove that right from the people of this nation. However, the individual states have the Constitutional authority to SPECIFICALLY illegalize drugs and acts of terror, such as murder and illegal federal laws. Show me the Constitutionality of Roe v. Wade, another states’ rights intrusion by the feds. Just because the Supreme court have said so doesn’t necessarily make it legal.

    Where in the Constitution is it written that any woman, specifically, has the right to kill a fetus? They did it right when federal law, as per a Constitutional amendment which was eventually repealed, prohibited the manufacture, sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages. The same must be done for all other federal actions not specifically mentioned in the Constitution. Short of that, the feds are intruding upon individual and states’ rights. The question, always, is why don’t the feds behave, legally? Because an amendment requires 75% of the individual states to approve an amendment which is not an easy accomplishment for the feds to aspire to. So, instead, the feds have established ways to circumvent the amendment process by having implemented a gradual process of diluting the meaningfulness of the Constitution and the Bill OF Rights with the passage of laws, programs and policies that have incrementally rewritten the foundational law of the Republic. “Why would they do that?”, you ask. Because the federal government was hijacked long ago by persons of power whose last wish is not to endeavor to join the working ranks of the populace. Don’t misunderstand, please. There’s nothing wrong with honest wealth. The USA was conceived on the ideal that the sky’s the limit. However, when government becomes remarkably influenced by persons for personal gain, such government is corrupt and requires a thorough scalding, top to bottom.

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