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Chairman Steel, it is Time to Resign.

July 2, 2010

RNC Chairman Michael Steele

After giving him the benefit of the doubt in January and again in February, I first called for Chairman Steele’s resignation back in April.

The problem with Steele is that you always get that dichotomy; he raises big money, but he makes so many big mistakes.

Chairman Steele’s comments regarding Afghanistan, whether off the cuff or not, are the final straw.

I join Bill Kristol…

Erick Erickson…

Ann Althouse…

and the hundreds of others that will join in this holiday weekend;

Chairman Steel, it is time to resign.

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  1. L.J. permalink
    July 2, 2010 3:46 pm

    The problem with Michael Steele is that he LACKS the leadership “authority” to get the job done and move the GOP BACK to it’s conservative platform as the Tea Party movement is trying to get them to do. It would appear to me that Steele is resisting the calls from the Tea Party movement and if he fails to heed their warnings to get back to TRUE conservative principles, he is going to screw–it–up–for this country and may be responsible for the COLLAPSE of our beloved Republic.
    He can’t be an Obama lap dog and a TRUE voice for conservatives as well. As far as Afghanistan is concerned, I feel that we need to pull our troops the hell out of there pronto! My son served in the Marine Corps with dignity and respect for his country and earned a well-deserved honorable discharge when his hitch in IRAQ was up.
    Look at it this way; if the Russians with all their military might and resources could not win in Afghanistan, then what makes ANY of our politicians think we can with Obama-bin-laden weakening our defenses backed up by an out of control far-left, progressive Congress?
    I have heard it said that Afghanistan was the Soviet Union’s Vietnam. Well, history does repeat itself and if we, the people, do not watch out, it will become ours as well. Why the hell are we even there? I haven’t heard any politician give an adequate response to that question among others.
    Well, ’nuff said about the war. I believe Steele has to be replaced with someone who has the vigor to restore our nation to it’s Constitutional and Judeo-Christian foundation! Perhaps someone like Newt Gingrich or Christie in New Jersey–that guy has a set on him and he takes NO prisoners!

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