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Tom Corbett Slams “Dan, Dan the tax man” Onorato (Video)

July 5, 2010

a Red Dog Exclusive!

Current Pennsylvania Attorney General and Republican candidate for Governor Tom Corbett slams Democrat Dan Onorato over the tax issue.

Referring to Onorato as “Dan, Dan the tax man”, Corbett explains that Onorato did not just raise taxes, he created new forms of taxes simply to cover the shortfalls in Allegheny County’s out of control budget.

In 2007, when Allegheny County was faces with a budget shortfall, Onorato proposed and passed a 10% Drink Tax and a $2 a day Rental Car Tax to plug the holes in the county budget.

The taxes were not popular with tavern owners, or residents who actually had to pay the tax.  Corbett believes this issue will be on the mind of voters this November;

“I always remind people, we did have one Whiskey Rebellion in Western Pennsylvania already.”

Once the tax money began rolling in, Onorato began plotting new ways to spend it.

“When he [Onorato] got more income, he wanted to use it in areas other than what was permitted in the legislation.”

Now Onorato wants to bring what he did in Allegheny County to the rest of Pennsylvania, which is why Corbett continues to hold a 10 point lead in the polls; 49% to 39%.


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