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I Feel Thinner Already: San Francisco’s Sugary-Drink Ban Takes Hold

July 6, 2010

Here’s the scenario; you are working hard at City Hall job, giving your boss the best that you’ve got.  2:30 rolls around and your energy level begins to drop.  What do you do?  Well you run down to the Coke machine for a 12 oz. helping of sugar and caffeine.  Right?

Not if you work in San Francisco;

Coca-Cola is out, and soy milk is now part of San Francisco’s official city policy.

Under an executive order from Mayor Gavin Newsom, Coke, Pepsi and Fanta Orange are no longer allowed in vending machines on city property, although their diet counterparts are.

There should be “ample choices” of water, “soy milk, rice milk and other similar dairy or non dairy milk.”

Pardon me while I wretch!

Why must these poor people suffer?

It’s all part of Newsom’s effort to combat obesity.

You have got to be kidding me.  Removing Coke and Mountain Dew from the vending machines is San Francisco’s plan for fighting obesity?  Good luck with that.

Practitioners of the Nanny-State believes they can legislate good health at the expense of individual freedoms.  Not in my America.

Free Market Capitalism suggests that there will be a sugary-sweet black market gouging government employees in the backrooms of City Hall within 2 weeks.


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