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Wednesday’s News

July 7, 2010

Wednesday’s News

Wednesday Evening Update:

Wednesday Afternoon Update:

Wednesday Morning News:

  • Because there is no way the Senate would pass this guy – Obama Bypassing Senate for New Medicare Chief
  • 60% of all voters support the Arizona Immigration law – Arizona suit imperils Western Democrats
  • Where does the President stand? – House GOP to make jobs a priority
  • The California Bulldog – Darrell Issa Emerges as Obama’s Annoyer-in-Chief –
  • Why? – NATO Airstrike Accidentally Kills Afghan Troops –
  • And the President’s numbers keep dropping – Crucial independent voters abandoning Obama, now under 40%, lowest ever
  • BEFORE THE BELL – US Stock Futures Down Over Worries On Growth
  • But he’ll hold on until January – Palin Touted to Replace Michael Steele at RNC
  • Some funny, some cool, and some just weird – The ten most bizarre campaign ads of 2010
  • HOT HOT HOT – Triple-digit temperatures to roast Northeast for another day –
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