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Brawl Breaks Out During Taiwan Parliament Debate (Video)

July 8, 2010

The US Congress is just a bunch of bickering cry-babies compared to these Taiwanese members of Parliament.

It’s been several months since the legislators in Taiwan’s parliament got into a huge brawl with each other, but they’ve returned to their old ways – with two hospitalised following a punch-up over a trade pact.

Legislators kicked and punched each other, threw rubbish bins and splashed water during the fight in the Legislative Yuan in Taipei earlier today, with two members being sent to hospital.

The fight between the nationalist ruling Kuomintang party and the opposition Democratic Progressive Party broke out after the speaker rejected opposition attempts to hold an in-depth debate on a controversial trade pact with China.

The brawl, which saw rival legislators try to push each other off the podium, is at least the third major scrap in Taiwan’s parliament this year – after two year’s of relative calm as lawmakers vowed to lose their reputation for mass bouts of fisticuffs.

At the end of the brawl, one of the groups has what appears to be a Tea Party, signs and all, right there on the floor of Parliament.

Complain as you will about the partisan bickering in Washington DC, it could be worse.

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