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Mitt Romney to Abandon Evangelicals in 2012 Run

July 8, 2010

Mitt Romney waving goodbye to Evangelicals in 2012

In his 2008 bid for the Republican Presidential nomination, Mitt Romney made a concerted effort to reach out to evangelical Christians.

The idea during the 2008 campaign was that exposure to the candidate himself — a likable, teetotaling family man — would help convince people that there was nothing to fear in his beliefs.

Unfortunately for Romney, evangelicals did not respond very well to his overtures.  Republicans such as televangelist Bill Keller declared;

“a vote for Romney is a vote for the devil.”

If Romney runs again, his approach will be very different.

Which is curious because the first 2012 contest is the Iowa Caucus where 60% of voters consider themselves either “born-again or evangelical Christian’’. Romney, though, expects to do about as well as he did in 2008 where he was first among non-evangelicals, but still 30 points behind Mike Huckabee.

So rather than attempt to win that very large segment of the Republican base, the Romney camp is suggesting that they will  just  ignore the evangelicals vote if the former Massachusetts Governor chooses to run again in 2012.

It Doesn’t matter Mitt, you weren’t going to get our vote anyway.


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