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Thursday’s News

July 8, 2010

Thursday’s News

Thursday Evening Update:

  • The rich guy is looking for an advantage – Rick Scott challenges Fla. campaign-finance law, says it violates 1st Amendment rights
  • He’s still here – Steele to All the GOP Haters: “I Ain’t Going Anywhere”:
  • I LOVE this guy – Black GOP candidate Allen West slams Obama for exploiting race
  • Peace? – Palestinian Authority’s Mahmoud Abbas Encourages the Arab World to Wage War on Israel:
  • COWARD! – Reid takes no stand on Arizona lawsuit –
  • Will they still worship God? – Presbyterian leaders approve gay clergy policy
  • Another non-issue for the liberals to use this November – Judge declares US gay-marriage ban is unconstitutional –
  • Is Mancin setting himself up for victory? – Special Election Approved for Byrd’s WV Senate Seat
  • NationalDebt: $13,181,991,714,131.18

Thursday Afternoon Update:

Thursday Morning News:


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