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Friday’s News

July 9, 2010

Friday’s News

Friday’s Afternoon News Update:

  • I Thought It Was Going to be Jobs! – Harry Reid’s Re-Election Remains Obama’s Top 2010 Priority
  • I am not ready to agree with them yet – MSNBC Concedes Obama and Democrats to Lose Control of House – Maybe Senate!
  • A Liberal’s viewpoint –  The Battle for Control Inside the GOP
  • Too stoned to campaign? – Pot Legalization Initiative Falling Short in New California Poll
  • Is Obama looking to control the flow of information? – Twitter hires State Department’s Katie Stanton
  • Better hair than the Donald? – Idiot of the Week:

Friday Morning News:

  • Stay classy Mr. President – Obama slams Sharron Angle in Nevada, crowd calls her a ‘lunatic’
  • Against the will of the people once again – Only 1-in-3 Americans supports Obama’s immigration lawsuit against Arizona
  • Duh! – Sen. Jon Kyl: Arizona suit ‘obviously political’
  • Will his campaigning help or hurt? – Obama Steps Up Fund-Raising for Democrat Candidates
  • First lead on toys, not chemicals in milk – China finds more milk items tainted with Industrial Chemicals
  • The new news media – French Bloggers were first to break story on Sarkozy Scandal –
  • At what cost? – Google Says China Has Renewed Web Page License
  • Before the Bell –  US Stock Futures Edge Lower After Strong Week
  • He Has not been wrong yet – 2010 World Cup: Paul the octopus Picks Spain to Win
  • Let Yoda guide you on your journey – Yoda’s celebrity voice to be used on TomTom

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