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Do you have a hot news tip, a story that needs to be told, scandal, scuttlebutt, maybe a candidate that would like some coverage?

Contact me at RedDogReport[at]gmail[dot]com

I do not promise anything, but I will definitely look into it.

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  1. June 8, 2010 2:29 pm

    Moved from “Author” page

    Dear Mr. Brian OConnor,

    Don Hooper is in Bart Stupak’s District. There are 6 Republicans in the race for Congress. Don Hooper is a Consistent Conservative Candidate. Dan Benishek seems to be the parties favorite however,Benishek just met with Scott Brown of Mass. I can’t understand this,why meet with Scott Brown if every one thinks he took a bribe from Dodd and Frank.

    I am asking for an endorsement for Don Hooper. Don’s website is or Facebook and Youtube simply by searching “Don Hooper.”

    Thank You,

    Debbie Grabowski

    Dear Mr. O’Connor,

    I would like you to research a Republican Congressional Candidate in the 1st District of Michigan Stupak’s open seat. Don Hooper is a Reagan Conservative that will NOT be a puppet for the Republican or the Democratic Party, but a Congressman elected “By The People and For The People.” He has run against Stupak before and the Republican Party would never back him. Is it possibly because they know he will not let them tell him what is best for Michigan and the rest of our nation?

    One of Don’s opponent Dan Benishek posted on his website that he has already met with Scott Brown, someone who acts like a true conservative but has voted with Obama. What a disappointment!

    Don Hoopers website explains his views and you will see he is a True Reagan Conservative. also Facebook and Youtube simply searching “Don Hooper.”

    Thank You,

    Debbie Grabowski

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